Marijn Jansen

These days, many people live and work much more consciously. They want to use their talents, work with their passions and get energy from what they are doing. They want to work for meaningful organisations and they attach more value to their own responsibility. This requires a different way of working and managing.

To contribute to this process with my heart and soul. Personal growth, integrity, pure leadership and courageous teams. That’s what my passion is all about.

When I am working as a coach I integrate ‘hard and heart’. Connecting the goals, the duties of a team and the organisation with self-awareness, and feeling involved, working together with others. This requires, from a safe context, curiosity about yourself and your colleague: openness and courage.

I supervise individuals, teams and management teams on this journey, using my extensive experience in consultancy for both multinational companies and small & medium-sized companies, my knowledge of psychology and coaching as well as my intuition and insights from my own journey in life.

Are you prepared to take the next step to make the very most of yourself, your team and your organisation? Then don’t hesitate to contact me.


illustratie individu


I am becoming myself. It took time. Many years and places. I was erased and confused. It was as if I was wearing someone else's mask. May Sarton

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illustratie team


The beauty and strength of a group is making sure that you supersize yourself and each other. Making the best of everyone’s talents. You can turn silver into gold.

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illustratie organisatie


Doing business is getting together as a community to fulfill a human need and to realize ambitions in our lives.


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If she can forgive, so can I

Last week I saw an interview with Yann Arthus Bertrand. He spent 2 years filming 2000 people from 65 different countries. With these individual stories and wonderful images he shows the beauty and rawness of people and the planet. I was touched by an unbelievable story of a man who murdered a woman and her daughter.

4 critical team success factors for double digit growth

A major achievement by an international marketing team. Over the last year, I have been working on the team development of an international marketing team of a multinational. This team consists of courageous, hard-working and intelligent professionals who are looking for their own uniqueness, strengths and personal qualities with me.

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  • “There is not much team spirit – we are not having any fun.”

  • “We need a winning mindset and a stronger focus because the results are lagging behind.”

  • “The team does not work well together. I am not connected with the team.”

  • “I would like to improve my working relationship with my colleague.”

  • “I would like to develop myself, in terms of who I am and what I am capable of.”