Encouraging clear insights and growth. Helping you to reach your own full potential and to make the most of each other’s talents. Always based on my passion for growth. This is the reason why I do what I do – and have been doing so for 15 years – guiding individuals, teams and organisations on their journey towards greater satisfaction and success: living a fulfilled life.

Born in Zeeland, I am also on a personal journey myself. I travelled around the world and lived and worked in the slums of Chili for a while. Now I am living in Rotterdam with my two children. My educational background is a mixture of business studies and psychology. I am trained in various theories, methods and approaches. The ITIP training programme has brought me a lot in terms of my personal journey. I have a great deal of coaching experience in corporate companies.

Read more about this on my Linkedin profile.

I am someone who sees what it’s really about (that’s what others say about me). Once we have reached this stage, I guide the process towards growth and results. Would you like to know more about how I work? please contact me and find out

Marijn’s partners

I regularly work together with freelance colleagues, depending on the type and scope of the project. The professionals I work with are:

Stijn Rost van Tonningen

Stijn works with people in an adventurous, experience-based way. He uses eastern martial arts as a metaphor, for example. Through roleplays and experiencing, Stijn makes people aware of their primal behavior. He quickly gets to the heart of the matter. Makes it easier to connect insights to everyday life. The people he works with have valuable new insights and they can start putting them into practice right away.

Fiona Cook

Fiona is an expert in working with organisation constellations. An organisation constellation provides a multi-dimensional perspective on situations. It makes hidden dynamics or patterns of behavior visible in important areas such as leadership, culture & organisational change and mergers. It brings about a shift in the perception of what causes the problems or what could be sustainable solutions. She looks from a different perspective at these undercurrents and patterns. I can build on what she and the participants have observed in the organisation constellation. We complement each other, each from our own expertise.

Dirkje Veltman

Dirkje is a highly experienced and very special Healing Tao instructor. She specializes in connecting the energetic to the physical. We encourage and inspire each other to be ourselves. We have our own strengths, side by side. “Marijn’s clear spirit is uplifting. The journey becomes lighter thanks to the insights. Everything has a right to be there. Dirkje relaxes you and the road ahead becomes clearer thanks to the softness and commitment.”

These insights are a wonderful basis for me to build on and to work on putting them into practice in the everyday lives of individuals, teams and organisations. If you would like to find out more about how I work then Do feel free to contact me

Jan Bart Brockhuis

I experience Jan Bart as a person with a big heart. He loves it when people and teams start realising their full potential. With his energy, keen observation skills and light he invites people to take the next step. He makes the connection and, before long, people start to feel very comfortable. He combines his talents with his previous work experience as a Marketing Manager at KPN and Procter & Gamble. This makes him a highly skilled and richly-varied facilitator.

Pieter Klaassen

Pieter is Aikido philosopher. Based on the Aikido view of life he allows for very special experiences. Pieter explains: “Experiencing from the body. What is the effect of various dynamics on yourself and each other? Being in and out of balance. Based on the three Aikido principles of Fight (doing something) – Flight (doing nothing) – Freeze (not doing something). Being in and out of contact, making a value judgement or not judging. What I have become and who I am. Being together and working together. These insights are a valuable basis for me to work with. I use them in everyday reality, both in a team and in an organisation.”

Beatrijs Verploeg

I experience my close cooperation with Beatrijs Verploeg as very enjoyable and professional. Our clients indicate that they are very happy with our performance thanks to our complementary personalities and skills, for example our knowledge of change management, team and organisational dynamics and personal growth.

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