MT leden Valeo

Coaching Valeo service

"Honestly at first I was a bit hesitant as didn’t know how this approach would work with the team but in the end I thought it was very effective and made people feel safe to open up and explore questions that they previously hadn’t allowed themselves to/had space to. Many thanks both for your excellent facilitation :-)"

"I was bluffed by the last session moving from the first one where we were in business success situation but a low moral and low motivation to a lot of positive which were not directly link to financial success: purpose, interaction and inter help."

MT leden Valeo

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  • “There is not much team spirit – we are not having any fun.”

  • “We need a winning mindset and a stronger focus because the results are lagging behind.”

  • “The team does not work well together. I am not connected with the team.”

  • “I would like to improve my working relationship with my colleague.”

  • “I would like to develop myself, in terms of who I am and what I am capable of.”