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“I have a new job and I am looking for a sparring partner.”
“How can I make sure that I make the most of my talents?”
“How can I solve the problems I have with my colleagues or manager?”
“How can I improve my PR in the organisation?”
“How can I improve my work/life balance? How can I get more energy and achieve better time management?”
“How can I, as head of department, develop both the organisation as well as myself?”

How I work

The individual coaching sessions will help you to answer your question. I invite you to look at and experience issues from different perspectives. I make you more aware of your own thoughts, underlying patterns and your talents. In other words: of your own unique self and leadership skills.
However, you will also find out more about your pitfalls and the obstacles you face. You will learn to accept them, to deal with them and to learn from them. The ultimate goal is to turn this awareness into energy and action, for pure living.
As a manager, you translate the organisation’s strategy for employees – for the team and the individual. And vice versa, you will need to somehow connect the needs and requirements of the employees to the overall organisation. As a leader you interact with yourself. I will look at your role in the organisation, and how you can fulfil it in your own unique way, with awareness and courage.


What will you gain from coaching?  I see people growing, becoming happier and more gentle, both to themselves and others. They are much more self-aware, take control of their own lives (again) and overcome the obstacles that stop them from realising their full potential. They start experiencing a sense of freedom. With lots of self-confidence and courage.

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