Did you know that only 13% truly feels engaged in their work? In the Netherlands this percentage is even lower, only 9%. (source: Gallup)

Many people sense that the current way of working within organisations has reached its limits. We are increasingly disappointed about our working life in organisations. We are at the dawn of a new era, in which working requires a completely different approach. People are living and working much more consciously than ever before. They would like to use their talents, work with their passions and get energy from what they are doing. They would like to work for meaningful organisations and they attach more value to their own responsibility.

“This requires a different way of working and managing. That’s the future. A different approach is needed to meet the fast, challenging and ever-changing demands of our time. The days of command & control have come to an end,

says Frederic Laloux. Today’s motto is: sense & respond. Laloux calls these organisations evolutionary-teal: it’s a new step on our revolutionary ladder.

In line with this philosophy of evolutionary-teal and reinventing organisations, I have over 15 years of experience of putting my heart and soul into: - Creating organisations in which people are given freedom to be themselves and to have the courage to show others who they are. To work with each other on the basis of feeling connected to each other. - Creating organisations in which people have the courage to stand up for their energy, ideas and decisiveness. - Creating organisations in which new initiatives are launched. People are laughing and fighting, passionately and confidently.

How do I achieve this?

Together with my colleagues we work with various programmes to encourage this philosophy in organisations. I have extensive experience in:

- Coaching individuals: managers and professionals

- Guiding successful teams Read testimonials from teams

- Developing leadership skills and guiding change management processes

“You unlocked us, you made us young again. When you feel young, you are powerful, energetic, free and dare to take big steps. You opened us.” (one of the most closed, reserved managers of an international marketing team)

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