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Questions from clients:

“The results are disappointing. We need to urgently make a recovery.”
“There is a need for more clarity about the position, role and responsibilities of the team.”
“We do not make the best use of everyone’s talents; we don’t inspire each other.”
“There is no joint focus or energy.”
“This team does not confront each other; there is insufficient trust.”
“There is tension about expectations and commitment.”


In order to unleash the full potential of the team, it is essential to raise awareness,to inspire courage and to be pro-active. The ability to gain clear insights into ourselves, the underlying dynamics and the challenges that the team faces within the organisation and the force field surrounding the team. The aim is to transform these insights into actions and success. 

Ik work with the 4 Intelligences of a high performance team. 

- Spiritual Quotient (SQ) Diving deep into your mission

- Emotional Quotient (EQ) Put yourself and your self in the full light

- Intelligent Quotient (IQ) Make it clear

- Physical Quotient (PQ) Working on a well functioning organisation of the team


Read more about my way of working and results of an international marketing team.


What will you get out of it?

- The envisaged goals will truly be reached
- A joint winning mindset
- Making the most of each other’s talents and ideas
- Both the team and each team member will achieve a level of self-awareness allowing for the changes to be structural
- Openness and unity
- Fun, courage and a pro-active attitude!

Read more testimonials from clients

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