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Coaching-Unilever“When the new strategy was introduced, it was crucial to get the new team up and running and working well together as soon as possible in order to achieve our ambitious plans for growth. Thanks to the support of Marijn Jansen we were able to forge the team into a really close team, with highly motivated employees who do the utmost for their colleagues and for the results. Marijn’s efforts helped us to achieve the best possible team bonding which allowed us to successfully manage everything we were faced with and to successfully reach our targets. Marijn was very involved and got everyone to think about his/her personal as well as business goals. An important tip for every team to be successful that should not be underestimated and that I strongly recommend is to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle in order to reflect on personal and business goals with the professional guidance of a great team coach.”

Joost Houben, Marketing Director Refreshment, Unilever


Coaching-Unilever“I worked with Marijn on two different team-building projects. Both these team building projects were completed successfully. Marijn is able to adjust her style from either being goal-oriented, effective and decisive to being spiritual and empathetic. This allows her to achieve many different goals with teams. She is good at judging how much freedom she can take in this process. She leaves plenty of room for the group dynamics to develop. She also shares her skills and styles with you, so managers can acquire and apply these valuable tools. Working with Marijn will give you lots of energy!”

Madelon van der Tol, Business Leader Ice Unilever


Coaching-Douwe-Egberts“For a few years now, I have worked with Marijn Jansen to improve the way my own management team operates and the effect we have on the entire company (1100 employees). In her way of working, Marijn creates an atmosphere of trust and openness, without losing the link with business reality. This has allowed us to perform really well as a team, time and time again. Not just in achieving hard targets but also in the way in which we operate within the team and within the organisation.”

Gijs Weterings, (former) President of Sara Lee / Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems


  • “Becoming more aware of each other’s needs for development
  • New team dynamics
  • Room for a number of discussions about content
  • Alignment and a positive, joint purpose
  • Being clear about where I can ask for help
  • Team goals with more empathy
  • Becoming more aware of my most valuable added value within the MT
  • A better understanding of team dynamics and personalities
  • Becoming aware of the role of the MT; creating clarity for the rest of the organisation CBT, AOP, SFE
  • Not just the short term; confirmation about our vision LT DECS, MT, ETC, targets”

Managers at Sara Lee / Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems


Coaching-Bavaria“During regular team coaching sessions Marijn made our team a winning team again. We discussed progress of our mission and targets, we reflected on the causes of problems, on the way we work together and we discussed difficult interpersonal issues. This has resulted in an open team which is able to achieve its targets.
That year we achieved a record turnover! We are very happy beer brewers indeed…”

Stijn Swinkels, director of Horeca Bavaria


Coaching-PG“Over the last 3 years I have invested a great deal in building a winning culture for P & G Netherlands. This has led to excellent business results. A better work-life balance for our staff. Two key elements of our winning culture that have allowed us to achieve this are ‘one team’ and ‘caring’. As our sparring partners, Marijn Jansen and her colleague Jeroen Hilberts have challenged and supported us to turn these abstract notions into concrete goals, now fully embedded in our mindset and behaviour.

Marco-Paul Meinen, former Commercial Director at Procter & Gamble NL


Coaching-Uniekaas“I worked together with Marijn twice. On both occasions she helped us to create a much clearer focus, commitment of the entire team and new challenge for everyone. But the team coaching sessions are not the be all and end all of it. Marijn returned regularly which showed her commitment to growth and results of the team. We had fun – both during the team coaching sessions and also since then. The entire teams are enjoying their work much more and the rest of the organisation also benefitted from this. She is simply excellent.”

Wiko Mocking, (former) Sales Director Uniekaas


Coaching-Unilever“Efficient, good at process management, strict but flexible guidance. Her strong point: achieving the final goal relatively quickly. Follow-up sessions which prevented this from being a one-off. Both loosening us up and constructive feedback considering the duration of the process, very useful and inspiring! Action driven, attention for both personal and business goals, not just strategic but also very practical.”

Team members of the Marketing Team Soup, Unilever


Coaching-Unilever“A better understanding, 1 team spirit, more aware of individual and group interests, good team spirit, energy, clarity, structure, obtaining a shared vision as to what we expect from each other as a team and what we need to do to achieve that, making decisions together in an open atmosphere, confronting each other if there is a problem, uncovering obstacles, acting!” (Comment: there was a special kind of openness, we got to know each other in a new and different way which has really helped for my team spirit.”)

Team members of CE Finance, Unilever


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