Health Care

Coaching-Albert-schweizer-ziekenhuis“As a medical doctor and head of the intensive care unit, I did not just want to develop the unit but also myself. That’s why I contacted Marijn.

Medical specialists are trained on content mainly, but there is very limited attention for so-called soft personal development and leadership skills. That’s why Marijn gave a training course to us, a team of medical specialists.

The training course provided us with insights into how we are working together at the moment, and how we can improve this (particulary in terms of listening to each other and making room for each other). The outcome is that we are now operating more effectively as a team and we are making better use of each other’s qualities.

As to my own personal development, I mainly worked on leadership skills with Marijn. The aim was to move from being a steering leader to a facilitating leader. What I remember most clearly is this: as a head of the unit you decide what the direction of your unit will be, but make sure that you give your staff some room.  Then the whole team will improve.

In my opinion, Marijn is an expert in the field of team training and implementing a new structure and culture.
I would like to recommend Marijn wholeheartedly to any medical specialist who is looking for a personal coach.”

Michael Frank , Intensivist Albert Schweizerziekenhuizen

Coaching-Respect“I have come to know Marijn Jansen as a coach and supervisor/trainer who is excellent at framing processes based on the strengths of the people who are being coached. She gives others room to explore themselves, but she takes control when they stray from the path. Marijn uses non-dogmatic and personal methods, and challenges people to reach their true inner self.

Marijn knows how to put things into perspective, and has a great sense of humour. Marijn shows her vulnerable side too so other people feel safe and well-respected. I find her conscientious in her approach, she keeps her promises and is very reliable. Marijn also gives you tips and advice as tools. In short, Marijn is a friendly and warm person to work with who really knows what she is doing.”

Paul Schoof, Board of Directors, Respect Zorggroep Scheveningen

Coaching-Respect“I am the manager of 6 unit managers who each have to deal with specific issues in their own units as well as personal development issues. They are confronted with major challenges which requires a team effort and close cooperation. The intensity with which they work together is different for each unit manager. To sum up, it was necessary to evaluate how we operate as a team.
Before our team training day with Marijn, each unit manager had already been to a personal coaching session with her. The focus was on coming into each other’s strength, improving cooperation, and making clear arrangements about how each person could be helped in achieving their own personal development goals.
What worked really well is that the team training day was followed by more individual coaching sessions for each unit manager as well as myself. This meant that the arrangements we had made as a team, were followed up and supported on an individual level.
What it has given me as a manager is that the air has been cleared. We discussed many issues. And we spoke about how we work together. We made and recorded plans as to how to benefit from each other’s strengths. As a result, we have achieved more and better cooperation as team.
As far as I am concerned, and my unit managers also mentioned this, Marijn has given each one of us so much. She is honest and excellent. The outcome is that we now operate much better as a team.
Marijn came at the right time to improve our team! Well done!

Theo Stoffels, Location manager, Respect Zorggroep Scheveningen


Coaching-Sanofi-aventis“We are much better as team now, with more spirit!”
“We have the courage now to confront each other and others”
“There is much more trust within the team”
“We speak our minds more often; there’s room for honesty”
“We take more time for each other. This takes time, but each time it brings us so much.”

Team  members of the Plavis Marketing Team at Sanofi Aventis

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