The Service Industry

Coaching-Babbels“Working with Marijn has provided me with many new insights that have been very useful to me. She really knows how to get to the bottom of something. She is good at separating the main issues from less important issues. She is proactive and well-balanced. What’s more, Marijn is a very nice person to work with.”

Elif Dia, Director of Babbels Communications

Coaching-Fortis“Marijn and her colleague Kai Grunewald have a deep insight into how people connect in the context of concrete targets. They have a good business sense. They speak the language of our managers while we gained insight into the soul of the team. They do not simply ignore difficult issues in a team but they bring them out into the open. This strengthens the underlying cohesion of the team. They are able to unravel in a safe setting first, allowing stronger connections between team members to form later on.”

Willem Ledeboer, (former) general manager of Fortis Commercial Banking NL

Coaching-Sanofi-aventis“We are working much better as a team now, with more spirit!”
“We have the courage now to confront each other and others”
“There is much more trust within the team”
“We speak our minds more often; there’s room for honesty”
“We take more time for each other. This takes time, but it brings us so much.”

Team  members of the Plavis Marketing Team at Sanofi Aventis

Coaching-ohra“Lots of energy; amazing that this has come out of it”
“Wonderful that the tensions have gone”
“Very pleased and tired”
“Very intensive”
“I was shocked”
“I enjoy going to work much more now; it has really been worth it”
“I was dreading it; it was very good; I am going to stop thinking so negatively from now on”
“I am very happy with the objectives, the structure, am looking forward to it”
“Am feeling very good about it. Glad that it’s all been done now.”
“Satisfied; everyone was very open; I’m going to give 100% now; it’s as if we’ve got a whole new team”

Team members of Retention at Delta Lloyd OHRA

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